Our Fees and Charges

Our fees and disbursements for residential conveyancing

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has decreed that all solicitors must provide details of the legal fees and disbursements (ie payments other than the actual legal costs) on their website, to enable prospective Clients to calculate the potential costs involved for their proposed residential property transaction.

It has traditionally been our policy to provide such an estimate, in writing, following a telephone discussion during which we would ascertain the full details of what is required for the proposed transaction. We find that this is a much better way of providing a fees estimate, since during such a conversation we can identify matters which prospective Clients may not have considered, or be able to input into a costs calculator; ie things such as terms of joint ownership, Deeds of Variation of a Lease, dealing with historic boundary disputes, providing Statutory Declarations regarding all manner of things, such as use of unmade access ways, declarations of bankruptcy etc, the provision of indemnity insurance policies for all manner of situations, consideration of joint ownership issues.

It also provides an initial personal contact which we believe is vital.

Here at Pococks we are determined to provide our Clients and prospective Clients with a full breakdown of all of the costs and fees involved in their proposed transaction.

We would therefore urge prospective and existing Clients to contact us either by telephone or by email, or indeed by visiting our office so that we may provide a tailored estimate specific to your requirements.

However, and to ensure that we are compliant we have added a fee calculator:

If you have any questions at all regarding the fees and disbursements, or anything else relating to the conveyancing process please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our fees for Probate

The new rules from SRA also apply to Probate fees, but it really is impossible for us to provide details of what our fees would be without knowing what is involved in the administration of a particular estate, and to our knowledge there is no fee calculator software available for Probate services. The only way that a realistic fees estimate can be provided is by your calling our office to discuss exactly what is involved. We will then be able to provide you with an accurate fee estimate, including all the court and other fees necessary and to identify whether the estate is liable to Inheritance Tax.

Please therefore contact one of our team to discuss.